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What is Changing?

The new ECDL is an update of the ECDL programme that focuses on currency and flexibility. New content has been added to the programme to ensure coverage of the digital skills and knowledge required now and in the future. The structure of the programme now offers flexibility, allowing individuals and organisations to develop digital literacy, competence, and expertise in a way that is appropriate to them.


Importantly, this new flexibility gives opportunities to not only engage with new candidates but to re-engage with existing candidates, as they pursue their goal of lifelong learning.


The well known ECDL Core programme is now replaced by the ECDL Standard. To ensure continuity, the concept of the seven modules is maintained. However, the new structure allows the candidate to select from a list of elective modules three of the seven modules.


As part of the new structure the ECDL Core Modules 1 (Basic Concepts of IC), Module 2 (Using the Computer and Managing Files) are replaced by the new module Computer Essentials. The ECDL Core Module 7 (Information and Communication) is replaced by the new module Online Essentials. It is noted that the content of the two new modules retains some of the content of the corresponding Core Modules but the content is also enriched with new, current and more relevant to the technological developments content.


As of 1st September 2013, ALL NEW CANDIDATES will be registered for ECDL Standard only.

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