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Transitional Period

To ensure continuity with the previous structure of the ECDL Programme and in order to give the chance to existing candidates to adjust to the change, the ECDL Core will be offered to existing candidates until 31st July 2015.

As of 1st August 2015, ECDL Core will not be offered to any candidate.

As of 1st September 2013, all new candidates to the will be registered for ECDL Standard only.

A transitional period between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2015 is defined. During the transitional period the following arrangements apply for EXISTING ECDL Core Candidates only:

  1. The ECDL Core Programme will be offered  to existing ECDL Core candidates only so as to complete their certification, if they so wish, with the traditional ECDL Core modules. 
  2. ECDL Core Module 1 will be recognized as an elective Standard Module.
  3. ECDL Core Module 2 will be recognized as the Base Module Computer Essentials.
  4. ECDL Core Module 7 will be recognized as the Base Module Online Essentials.

In addition, during the transitional period, EXISTING ECDL Core Candidates only will be able to:

  • complete the seven modules of the ECDL Core and still be awarded an ECDL Standard Certificate.
  • combine modules of ECDL Core and ECDL Standard in order to achieve the ECDL Standard certificate.

It is noted that the ECDL Standard Certificate issued during this transitional period to EXISTING ECDL Core Candidates will show the names of the ECDL Core Modules; namely it will shoe "Using the Computer and Managing Files" (and not Computer Essentials)  and "Information and Communication" (and not Online Essentials).

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